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Do you snore so loudly and frequently that it’s causing issues with your bed partner? Do you find it difficult to get a restorative night’s rest even when you sleep through the night? You may be one of the millions across the nation who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea, also referred to as OSA, is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition which makes it difficult to get a restorative night’s sleep. Whether on the job or behind the wheel, the fatigue caused by OSA is a serious hazard. At the office of Jeffrey Cahn DMD, our experienced Stamford dentist is doing his part to help patients with mild to moderate cases of OSA by offering oral appliance therapy for the treatment of sleep apnea.

Understanding the mechanics behind OSA makes it simpler to see how an oral appliance can help. When we go to sleep at night, the soft tissues of the throat slacken. This slackening can occur in varying degrees. For patients with OSA, the airway becomes completely occluded for intervals ranging from a few seconds to over a minute in duration. Restricting the flow of oxygen to the brain throughout the night makes it difficult to get a restorative night’s rest. Some of the short-term symptoms range from morning headaches and irritability, to loss of memory and excessive daytime fatigue. When OSA isn’t treated, it can contribute to the development of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. At the office of Jeffrey Cahn DMD, your Stamford dentist is prepared to fabricate a customized oral appliance, designed to keep your airway comfortably open throughout the night. Dr. Cahn is a diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, who works closely with pulmonologists who diagnose OSA and characterize its severity.

If you’re in need of treatment for mild to moderate OSA, make Dr. Cahn your Stamford dentist of choice. To learn more about getting a better nights’ rest, give a call to the office of Jeffrey Cahn today!

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