Stamford Teeth Whitening

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Studies have shown that having a lighter, brighter smile can also lend you a lighter, brighter mood. If you’ve been considering the benefits of cosmetic dental services for your smile, the office of Jeffrey Cahn DMD is an exceptional resource in your area. Offering highly personalized guidance and treatment recommendations, Dr. Cahn is highly knowledgeable and experienced in a range of cosmetic treatment solutions. From professional grade Stamford teeth whitening, to complete smile makeovers with porcelain dental veneers or custom crowns, you’ll be in the very best of hands at our office.

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer at our office is our professional Stamford teeth whitening services. Simple, fast, and capable of producing the most radiant results, we offer our whitening services in-office or with a personalized take-home kit. Our in-office whitening treatment produces the fastest results, capable of lightening your smile several shades by the end of a single visit! Alternatively, the take-home kit provides a flexible treatment option for our patients with a more on-the-go lifestyle. Complete with a custom-contoured set of dental trays and your very own whitening agent, our take-home kit also produces brilliant results just a bit more gradually. One of the major advantages of having your teeth whitened under the oversight of a professional is that your dentist will carefully examine your mouth prior to treatment. This allows us to protect any sensitive regions of the mouth, or in certain cases, treat them prior to whitening.

If you’re interested in brighter, more attractive smile, plan on scheduling a consultation with the talented Dr. Cahn. Committed to providing exceptional quality results for our patients, whether you opt for our professional Stamford teeth whitening services, or a complete smile makeover, you’ll be in excellent hands under our care. To schedule your next cosmetic consultation, call the office of Jeffrey Cahn DMD today!

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