Why are digital x-rays so important?

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Our office has recently updated the digital x-rays software. This latest version of digital radiographs reduces the exposure to radiation more than ever! We have been able to use about 25% of the radiation we needed for film x-rays and now have reduced that in half. That’s about 12% of the amount we needed to use a decade ago.

There are other important advantages to the most updated digital x-rays. First, we see the x-ray results immediately; that means a lot less time a patient needs to spend in the dental chair and the amount of retakes is reduced to nearly nothing. Second, the radiographs can be enlarged on the computer screen for better viewing and better diagnosis. The dentist can more clearly see early signs of disease and be able to treat them much more conservatively. Also, the contrast of the image can be adjusted on the screen, which also aids in better visibility and ease of diagnosis.

As with all digital images, the digital x-rays can also be emailed, when desired, should they need to be shared with a specialist or anyone else anywhere in the world.

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